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MC Quicktop (Nafuquick)

A versatile soft spatula for concrete cosmetics. Frost-resistant and weather-resistant. Usable up to a maximum thickness of 6 mm in one layer. Designation CE.

DesignationShadePackaging - sack (kg)
MC QUICKTOP (Nafuquick) helllight gray25
MC QUICKTOP (Nafuquick) graugray25
MC QUICKTOP (Nafuquick) mittelgraumedium gray25
MC QUICKTOP (Nafuquick) betongrauconcrete gray25

MC Powertop F (Emcefix Spachtel F)

Instant, hydraulically curing fine spatula for working in the field of visible concrete. Application: For flat leveling and leveling of concrete elements. For final finishing of visible concrete surfaces.

DesignationShadePack size - bag (pcs)
MC Powertop F - weißwhite25
MC Powertop F - weißgrauwhite-gray25
MC Powertop F - steingraustone gray25
MC Powertop F - graugray25
MC Powertop F - betongrauconcrete gray25
MC Powertop F - mittelgraumedium-gray25
MC Powertop F - anthrazitanthracite25


Instant, quick-setting mortar for installation and assembly. Usage: fastening work during installation, assembly and fixing to masonry and concrete. Anchoring machines, tanks, boilers, consoles, grilles, gates, etc. For fast minor repairs of concrete parts. Electrical installation, installation of sanitary and thermal equipment. Features: When mixed with water immediately applicable. Rapid hardening, after 5 minutes fully cured and loadable. Chloride free. After curing, waterproof. Protects against corrosion. Certified by TZÚS Praha.

DesignationPackaging - sack (kg)Packaging - bucket (kg)

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